No Offense

by Antun Opic

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Hospital 02:37
hospital take me to your hospital stitch my eyes, stitch my mouth don't need to see don't need to speak take me to your hospital remove my heart and my soul i don't need to love i went inside your jail behind your bars, in your cell paid a visit to this girl you left behind and i laughed a bit with her and i pulled myself around her and i told her that this thing won't turn out fine take me to your bank and close my account can't afford me anymore? take me to your specialist remove my data from your disk i am such a viral risk i sold my expectations to the pawnshop and i hold my thumb up in the air and the cars hiss like a rhyme all waiting was in vein i'll face the sun i'll face the wind I'll face the rain
bulletproof vest nothing in the world is gonna make me stuck nothing in the world is gonna pull my plug even if i fall the world demands me to get up i'm too stubborn, too stubborn to stop if it's bout the money i'll plow if it's bout your future i'll grow older somehow i say goodbye to all my wishes right here right now take care of those boys, they want to jump in your bed take care of those boys, they offer nothing but cigarettes but see that this world won't spare you no lesson and you're just an artist in one big jam session if you beg them mercy they'll laugh if you are in debt you'll see their wrath but you will find your own solution for this big mess I'm your bulletproof vest i wear your heart in my chest i'm your bulletproof vest an everlast
No Offense 03:13
no offense hold your guns i'm just here cause it was funny meant no offense i didn't mean no harm hold your tongue you will say it cause you're angry but you can't make it undone i cant make it undone i play cards with the bosses but i'm not lucky you have to bail me out bail me out of here found myself in a state where no doctor took the chance to send me home but i just gotta go home i'm a clown who sets his stage on fire cause i'm afraid you wouldn't like my show Keep your clothes on i'll pay the night don't worry i just need a hug i just need a hug
The Informer 03:48
the informer you're so happy you're a disgrace you're so free i have no space but if i pull your leg a little here a little there you'll lose the race you're a disgrace see i wrote down the very moment that you left and i wrote down the very moment that you came i know your name! i know your name! so give me another reason one dirty spot in front of your door i hate my life i hate my wife well, i don't know what am i doing here? but it*s an an awful feeling if i have to think about you i don't have to think bout myself all by myself all by myself all by myself all by myself you're a dreamer you're such a shame you think the world's yours i'll put you back in the frame cause if i tell a little story here a story there the wind will turn and you will burn so give me another reason one dirty spot in front of your door I'll make a call and that would be all see i don't know what are you doing here but well, i have this feeling and if i hink what they all think i don't have to think for myself all by myself all by myself all by myself all by myself spread the word! this guy's a nerd! keeping his sheep far from our herd spread the word! this guy's a nerd spread the word! let's shoot this bird!
Moses 04:47
moses why would i need a shovel in my hand? what's here to dig man? my own grave? i don't need your haircut i don't need your shave why would i need money in your bank? what's here to pay man? my own bone? i don't need your palace i don't need your throne say, why would i need your whip to lick my back? what's here to sweat for? a bed and bread? since i know you i've got the rats in my shed i won't bow, i won't beg to your lack of respect the big desert you spread in my head i won't beg, i won't bow to your glamour and your show the big mountains you pull in front of my window let my people go let 'em go let 'em go let my people go! why would i need your words to cut my tongue? what's here to speak bout? that's your lie! i won't greet you i won't wave goodbye why would i need your rifle in my hand? what's here to fight for? that's my land! i don't trust you i don't shake your hand you're not what i'd call a friend a friend won't spill no tear and a friend does not appear in all this army gear is that what you call kind? kind men don't act like rats kind men don't hang out with the bats i won't beg, i won't bow cause no justice and no law will stop this river of blood that just reached my doorstep let my people go let 'em go let 'em go let my people go!
we don't give a damn mr. testosterone bought a fancy new car dr. sex pumps up boobs till they burst colonel hate tells his men bout the beauties of war preacher black is awaiting the worst they squeeze our souls in their juice they cook our brains in their jam they grill our hearts on their barbecues but we don't give a damn yes we don't give a damn no we don't give a damn i wasn't out on the borders don't know, if i am that bold they list me in their folders i am lucky to live in their vault but i see what i see and i smell what i smell and if i see and smell right we will all go to hell well they wash our minds at 95 degrees drain those too fine for the sieve they bleach, hang and dry our belief but we don't give a damn no we don't give a damn yes we don't give a damn and the poets repeat their stories and the beggars beg their dime the children play and the parents have their worries and nobody has time while they lift their eyebrow while they write the news while they kneed us in their dough till we're soft and smooth but we don't give a damn no we don't give a damn yes we don't give a damn
juanita guerolita the specialists you hired seem to worry and your search warrant's expired, i'm sorry the weapons you fired hit nothing but dirt all your spies have been unwired to the skirt you should have retired without a word now the boss is tired of your work don't you dare a riot you wouldn't even want to try it you can't deny it, you better buy it apply it, take your diet coke say, what's your favorite quotation does your wife know 'bout your strange relation with this young lady at the service station what d'you think 'bout emigration? you know boss don't like no stagnation what? you don't believe in reincarnation? too much talk is masturbation! think about every word my boss is tired of your work you know what happened if i dial this number again? well, our torturer is a very inspired man your friends have conspired, yes you're in a pretty admirable mess you ought to know it best juanita guerolita is the boss she's the last you wanna cross she'll charge you the cost juanita guerolita is the boss you're the guest she's your host she'll get back you get lost
Don't Forget 04:00
don't forget don't forget i come from far a way and i sure speak my own language i know i've learnt yours now but that won't mean, that i don't need my words well, i need my words not to be misunderstood don't forget i work out on the fields i leave early come back late but i bring fruits we will share i stay healthy in the fresh air don't forget i work hard don't forget we'll go far a way and we sure have our own luggage but i feel as light as i can be i will fly all around the world you'll see don't forget that cause i won't i won't, i won't forget
Warm 03:59
warm would you please brew a medicine for me i heard you learned the art of alchemy something that makes me breath out i appreciate your loyalty, sure i do see all the needs of morality to but still, this leaves in nothing for me, but me bury me inside that hole but i will keep the thoughts i stole from your heart i'm sure it won't break apart cause on my long dark day those thoughts they are my sun ray they keep me from harm warm you see, you couldn't strengthen her back you couldn't ease her tensed stomach you couldn't cure the pain in her legs maybe you would have had a medicine for all of that but i played my last card i threw my best dart i broke a triangle apart but still i sing my songs alone the happy and the sad still, i'm like a stone in her bed still i lose so many melodies you wouldn't give them birth we could keep us from harm warm
troubled waltz you're leaving all your troubles home cut your skin from your bone crawling on the battlefield your style as your shield but my mirror was breaking you know gods bakery is baking humans of wisdom or poor condemned souls but i learned what time is and it ain't my business i sure feel fine but brother, can you spare a dime? the doors through which i wanted: blocked i wasted my life to unlock but then there was no wealth beyond but i was oh so fond of a world where money replaced the flower where the liars own all power where the drones march out to work devil lurks even under your skirt things worth to live for all locked up behind your door i spent my holidays on the shore bought my luck in the store but the irony behind it all the liars have grown tall so when i lay once buried dead the'll put a store on my head and there they drive a million cars there they fight a hundred wars soldiers lying dead over my head and the last bullet's used and the fog is amused for it will last a thousand years and damp the dead with its tears
Good Friends 03:08
good friends don't have no money, no hey, how about a hat? no money, no not even for the cab but it's a good cause, a good crowd it's a good cause, a good crowd but hey, don't sing too loud don't have no money, no but hey, how about a cd? no money, no but i work for the tv and i can put you in a great show yes, i can put you in a great show but we pay no money, no we do have some money, yes hey, how about a song? just two chords, a good groove please don't get us wrong we just wanna dance, dance, dance dance, dance, dance, dance, dance with our friends and now that we're good friends...
rootless tree winter's over, it's over but i'm a rootless tree bird, sing your song but i disagree my branches just won't blossom not even grow a leaf since all the roots are rotten even fire would be a relief the crows, they gather in my groaning dead twigs and the woodpecker drilled his home deep in my bone this is over i lost my grip i rip my feet off your soil and i toil up the rocky path yet i find no green grass it's over, no bee will ever land in my hair there's no spring for me the rootless tree i got no fruits to bear but the storm brought the scent of your blossoms so fair and since the roots are rotten, dear i'll just walk away from here i grew so thin in my thick bark the long cold winter left its mark see, your muddy soil just couldn't feed me in the end i long to explore this exotic land all the birds they sing about and i dare to step into her garden there i'll wait for her at her mountain stair for i know my roots will grow fair when the sun shines through her hair i'm going south and i'll keep the blood on my hands i shot my mouth i don't care if you understand


released December 6, 2012

words & music by antun opic except "don't forget" music by tobias kavelar. recorded & produced by antun opic, tobias kavelar & horst richard fritscher. mixed by tobias cavelar. mastered by willy löster.


all rights reserved



Antun Opic Munich, Germany

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